I am reading through Numbers. You should read chapter 22, verses 21-30.
(...go on, it’ll take maybe five minutes of your time to google and read it).

Okay, let’s summarize:

Balak, king of Moab, is afraid of the Israelites. He sends for Balaam, offering him great riches and honor if he’ll curse the Israelites; the Lord forbids Balaam from cursing them, and Balaam ends up blessing them instead. But on Balaam’s initial journey to Balak, God sends an angel to stop him; Balaam can’t see the angel, but the donkey he’s riding on can. Each time the donkey stops to avoid the angel, he is saving Balaam from an inevitable death by the angel’s sword. But because Baalam can’t see this threat down the road, he becomes angry, beating and cursing his donkey three times — letting his pride take the best of him and exclaiming that the donkey is making him look like a fool.

Some points:

God always wants the best for us and may ask us to do hard things we don’t yet understand the purpose of. An encounter with him can sometimes require the following: a change of plans/direction (v.23), pain (v.25), or abiding/being still (v.27). He makes all things work together for good.

Pride can blind us.

Sometimes we need to ask for and listen to advice from others; they may have insight on issues we’ve yet to notice but are right under our own noses.

Some questions:

How often do I become angry at an innocent person God’s placed in my life just because they’re not doing what I think they should be doing — because of a small disagreement?

How often do I become bitter with God because I fail to understand a small part of his bigger picture for my life?



because you once said,
i am like a baby bird,
that i am fragile and easily

but that i will one day be
resilient enough to fly,
with my own two

but until i learn and grow,
under your wings i must
take shelter.

for your covering,
it keeps me

because under the shield of their mother bird’s wings, baby birds don’t need knowledge of what’s happening outside of them.
(because i don’t need to know the whole picture yet.)