You are worth more than cancelled plans, insincere invites and bad friends.

It’s okay to have standards for the way people treat you — just because someone says they love and appreciate you, it doesn’t mean they actually show it in their actions.
It’s okay to have self-respect.
It’s okay to not settle for less.
It’s okay to end things that continually affect you negatively, even if you’ve invested in them emotionally.
Remember that you are not a doormat.
Remember that you are lovable.
Remember that people think highly of you.
Think of all of the people who genuinely love you.
Think of the good things you do for people — how you support and encourage others.
Think of ways you can continue to become a better person.

Know you are a person worthy of being loved well.

You deserve new shoes, a fancy pen, and phenomenal love.

Don’t sell yourself short.


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